Reut Yahav Battat, NOAM Olami Director

Reut Yahav has served for three years as the director of NOAM Olami. Born in Jerusalem, Reut grew up in Kehillat Ramot Zion in French Hill and was active in the NOAM youth movement. For years Reut pursued her passion for Israel by working as a tour guide introducing families and groups to the wonders that the Jewish state has to offer. As director of NOAM Olami she works to unify the Masorti youth groups around the world into one cohesive movement and to help Masorti youth groups work together to share ideas and strategies and act as a unified worldwide movement.

Reut has also taught drama and dance and spent ten years doing Hebrew voiceovers for cartoons including Feivel Goes West and Little Lulu.
She lives in Jerusalem with her husband, Kfir and her daughter, Yuval.
Reut can be reached at: