Masorti Shabbat in the UK

What is Masorti all about anyhow? Masorti Communities across the UK addressed this question during Masorti Shabbat—a national initiative that took place in British synagogues during the month of June which attempted to explain Masorti Ideology, Halacha and philosophy and convey a wider sense of the movement to congregants of Masorti Congregations. Susan Reuben, communications director at Masorti Judaism says “We had a feeling that many of our congregants felt connected to their own synagogues, but less so to the wider movement. We wanted to change that, and thought that Masorti Shabbat would be the first step in this educational process”.

As part of Masorti Shabbat, Masorti Judaism—the Conservative movement in the UK—prepared a special flier that was placed on every single seat in every single Masorti congregation in the UK. This brochure featuring all the Masorti Rabbis and Cantors in Britain, each one addressing a central theme from Masorti perspective—God, Mitzvot, Israel, Prayer, etc. In addition to the flier, Masorti Judaism sponsored the Kiddush in the synagogues, and the rabbis in each congregation also prepared a dvar torah addressing the movement and what Masorti does and what it stands for.

Initial responses to Masorti Shabbat were very positive, and the movement intends to repeat Masorti Shabbat next year in an effort to keep the work of the movement in sight of the congregants.

To read the brochure and find out more about Masorti Judaism, click here.