Masorti Olami and Marom Olami partner to bring Rabbinical Students to Europe

Over the first weekend in May, eight Rabbinical students from the United States, studying in Israel

for the year, had the opportunity to spend a weekend with a Masorti community in Europe. In the first joint project of its kind, Masorti Olami and Marom Olami offered to send Rabbinical Students from JTS, Ziegler, Schechter and the Conservative Yeshiva to spend a weekend with Masorti congregations and Marom centers throughout Europe. This partnership was developed in order to expose them to the international diversity of the Masorti movement, connect them to individual communities and build bridges across the movement. This program serves to build awareness and create personal links between our communities in Europe and the next generation of leaders of the North American Jewish Communities.

Pairs of rabbinical students went to our congregations in Stockholm, Paris, as well as the North London Synagogue with individual students also attending the Hatch End Masorti Congregation in the UK as well as Marom Budapest. We received positive feedback from participants and participating congregations and hope to see the development of further collaborations of this kind.

If you are interested in having Rabbinical students intern at your community or you are a Rabbinical student who would like to spend time with in one of our European communities, feel free to contact us for more details!

Tehila Reuben (Masorti Olami) –

Michal Chacham (Marom Olami) –

Rabbinical Student Brett Kopin visits Hatch End Masorti Synagogue.