Masorti Community Sets a World Record

On Sunday May 2nd, over 100 members of Uruguay’s NCI community braved raging thunderstorms and blackouts to attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest group of people ever assembled to write a Mezuzah together. NCI’s Mezuton was the grand celebration of the community’s “Our Mezuzah Project”—an initiative to highlight the significance of having a Mezuzah in each Jewish home and to bring generations of each family together—parents, children and

grandparents in one room together with Sofer Stam Sebastian Grimberg—to participate in the writing of a family mezuzah for each Masorti Jewish home in Uruguay. Participants in the Mezuton ranged from young children in grade school on up to the residents from the local Jewish old age home who came to help break the record.

Three residents of the Hogar Ancianos de Uruguay attend the Mezuton, flanked by Rabbi Dolinsky (left) and Sofer Sebastian Grimberg (right).

The Mezuton was a joint effort sponsored by NCI and Masorti Olami as well as community partner including Hebraica Macabi, Macabi Tzair, Jazit Hanoar Youth Movement, Escuela Integral Jewish Day School, the Zionist Organization of Uruguay and the Hogar Ancianos de Uruguay—the community’s old age home and eventual recipient of the giant Mezuzah. The event started with musical performances, after which participants from all these organizations circled the social hall and held hands and formed a human chain linking with the sofer, allowing everyone to participate in the Mitzvah of writing a Mezuzah.

Following the Mezuton the oversized Mezuzah was donated to the Jewish community’s old age home. As of the time of publication the community is awaiting confirmation of its Guinness World Record status.