Hitjadshut II

Masorti AmLat’s Hitjadshut II meeting was held in the AJBC community in Lima, Peru from August 3-6, 2018.

Masorti AmLat, Latin America’s representative organization of Masorti Olami, headed by Rabbi Mauricio Balter, builds bridges between its affiliated organizations throughout the region with the aim of developing projects to allow the growth and commitment of Masorti Judaism in its practices and in its eternal connection to the State of Israel.

Hitjadshut (the Hebrew word for “renewal”) is the process that began in November of 2017 at Hitjadshut I in Santiago, Chile to Re-inaugurate, Renovate and Reorganize the Masorti Movement in Latin America.


The meeting was attended by seventy Masorti community leaders from across the region, including rabbis, community presidents and youth leaders. They were also joined by leaders from the USA, UK and Israel.

The meeting began with ideology sessions with themes including the parameters of Masorti ideology, the value of Halacha in our day, the different styles of leadership, the place of women in the conversation, converts within our communities, shared leadership between the rabbi and the president of the community, Tefillah and Kashrut.


Another key component of the meeting was the presentation and analysis of the strategic plan for Masorti AmLat for the 2018-2020 period, presented by organizational consultant Daniel Yoffe. This plan was developed by the transitional committee which was formed by Daniel Yoffe and consisted of Rabbi Marcelo Rittner, Rabbi Sarina Vitas, Mirko Lebl, Jorge Banchik, Magali Desse, Rabbi Alejandro Bloch, Moises Szewkis, Rabbi Mauricio Balter and Ariela Rosemberg-Garbatzky.


The aforementioned was formed in November 2017 in Chile and present the preliminary plan for the comings years under the name “Masorti AmLat 2020”. The central components of the plan are: The organization of the region into four sub regions, the formation of a board of directors, formation of Masorti AmLat as a legal entity, the central ideas of plan 2018-2020 that include an ideological agenda, educational resources for the movement to make available to its regional affiliates and identifying the needs for leadership training to achieve effective leadership.

As a part of the program, the sub regions (Central America, Pacific, Atlantic, and Southern regions) will nominate representatives to be incorporated into Masorti AmLat’s 2018-2020 board of directors.


The Board of Directors is comprised of:

President, Rabino Marcelo Rittner (Mexico)

Vice President, Mirko Lebl (Brazil)

Treasurer, Sergio koremblit (Peru)

Secretary, Graciela Ciociano (Mexico)

Moises Szewkis (Chile) Masorti Olami Legal Representative in AmLat

Miguel Infeld (Chile)

Graciela Vaena (Argentina)

Hugo Waitman (Argentina)

Rafael Winter (Uruguay)

Aaron Liverant (México)

We would like to thank the transitional committee for its incredible work and wish all our new board members much success in their new positions.


The meeting ended with a talk by Dr. Roberto Lerner entitled “Making things Happen: The Challenge of Being a Leader in the 21st Century”.