Have Ordination, Will Travel

This year Masorti Olami and the Latin American Rabbinical Assembly (LARA) embarked on a new joint program where Rabbis volunteer to visit to small, developing and isolated communities in order to help strengthen the communities through professional organizational advice as well as ritual and spiritual assistance including leading Shabbat services, holding conferences in schools and youth groups and delivering lectures to seniors.

The first visit of this program was made by Rabbi Diego Vovchuk from Communidad Or Israel in Buenos Aires who went as a visiting rabbi to the community in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. During his recent visit he offered services including meeting with the community’s ritual committee, school coordinator and students from the elementary school and high school. He also met with the board of directors as well as MERCAZ representatives.

Other rabbis have volunteered their services to visit other communities across Latin America, and we are currently compiling a list of small communities lacking rabbis which are affiliated or identify with Masorti. Masorti Olami and LARA aim to serve as many communities as possible through this program.

If your community does not have a rabbi and would benefit from the services of a visiting rabbi, please contact Ariela Rosemberg Garbatsky to arrange for a rabbi to visit your community.