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“Rosh Chodesh: From a Masorti Feminine Perspective”

Click here to view and download the online publication in English of Masorti AmLat’s new book “Rosh Chodesh: From a Masorti Feminine Perspective“, a compilation of reflections on each Hebrew month by female Rabbis from Latin America.

(Click here for Spanish version)

“The connection between Rosh Chodesh and women dates back to the times of the Bible” says Masorti Olami President, Gillian Caplin. “Masorti Judaism is based on a strong faith-in the women who, in every situation remain steadfast to this faith and pass it on to their children-the future generations. Perhaps this explains the special connection to Rosh Chodesh-the celebration of perpetuity ensuring continuity and survival and renewal.”

Thank you to all the Rabbis who contributed to this book, and a special thanks to Rabbi Graciela Grynberg and Ariel Blufstein who organized this project.

“Understanding the Haftarot”

Printable and electronic copies of the French and Spanish translations of “Understanding the Haftarot”. If you have problems viewing any of the pdfs, please click download below the one you wish to view.

French Version

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Spanish Printable Version

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Spanish Electronic Version

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