Jewish Children’s Books by Linda Verö-Bán

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Linda Verő-Bán, was born in 1976 in Budapest, Hungary and, as a teenager, was among the first people active in rebuilding Jewish ones to rebuild Jewish life in Budapest after the Communist era. She earned a degree in Art History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and studied Jewish studies at Paideia in Stockholm, Sweden. Linda is currently the Director of Education and the Rebbetzen at the Frankel Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary. She and her husband, Rabbi Tamas Verő, have built a flourishing community of more than 300 young families. They take an active part in the Szarvas International Summer Camp and cooperate with several youth movements.

Linda started to write and publish interactive books for Jewish children in 2007 because noticed a lack of modern books in Hungarian for Jewish children. Linda created an outstanding Jewish children’s book series, which has been translated into multiple languages, and has helped thousands of Jewish families to learn and talk about Judaism in a pluralistic and fun way. Linda’s goal is to inspire children, parents and grandparents to find their personal connection to Judaism and bring Judaism back to Jewish homes.

Linda’s books, which are available in Hungarian, English, German, Slovak, Russian, Romanian, Croatian and French, can be purchased online.

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