Mission Statement

Governing PrinciplesIn carrying out its mission, Masorti Olami acts to advance the interests and principles of Masorti Judaism.  It works with all other arms of the Conservative/Masorti movement to be an effective spokesperson for Masorti Judaism by emphasizing:

1. The study of Torah, in the fullest sense, and the transmission of its principles from generation to generation

2. The unity of the Jewish people and fostering ties between Jews wherever they live

3. The centrality of the synagogue in the life of the Jewish people

4. The importance of maintaining a centrist, dynamic Jewish practice based on halacha and mitzvot, grounded in Jewish knowledge and observance, reflecting a love of tradition; and embracing modernity and the positive aspects of change

5. The centrality of Israel and the knowledge and use of the Hebrew language in the life of the Jewish people

6. The values of egalitarianism, pluralism, tolerance and democracy in the development of Jewish tradition