Rabbi Mauricio Balter

Rabbi Mauricio Balter was born in Uruguay. He received an MA in Jewish thought from the University of Haifa.  He received his rabbinic ordination in 1991 from the Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano Marshall T. Meyer. He attended the prestigious Educators Graduate Program at the Melton Center for Jewish Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and continued his educational leadership training at the Leatid program in Argentina. He was a Rabbi in Argentina for 14 years at the Kehilot of Tucuman and Salta (Northern Argentina) and Or HadashKehila of Buenos Aires. He was also the first director of the Masorti Movement in Argentina. He made alia in 1995 and was rabbi of Kiryat Bialik community for 15 years. Since 2010, he served as the Rabbi of KehilatEshelAvraham in Be’erSheva. He is a member of the executive committee of the Masorti movement in Israel and co-president of the Rabbinical  Assembly of Israel.