Nilli Glick Asaf, Director of Zionist Educational Projects & MERCAZ Olami Chapter Liaison MERCAZ Olami

Nilli Glick Asaf was born and raised in Tel Aviv and has been working in Jewish education for over ten years:  Between 2008 and 2010 she was a Jewish Agency Israel Fellow for Hillel at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and since she returned has been working for Hillel Israel as a program director at Hillel in Tel Aviv University and as the Director of Hillel at IDC Herzliya.

Nilli holds an MA in the History of Israel and a BA in the History of Israel and Studies of The Land of Israel from Bar Ilan University, and today is studying for a second MA in Learning Technologies at Holon Technological Institute (HIT).

Over the years she participated in various Beit Midrash programs including Kolot Fellows and Beit Midrash Heder MiShelach at the Hartman Institute and more. Today she participates in 248: A new global community action network, organized by Partnership2Gether, Rehovot – -Minneapolis.

Nilli currently lives in Rehovot with her family.

Nilli can be reached at: